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Last updated: Sept 2017

Here’s what I’m up to:


Hardware and software I use:

  • Computer: My desktop is a Windows 10 tower, the new Linux on Windows subsystem makes it quite usable. My laptop is a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition running Ubuntu GNOME, see my review.

  • Programming: Mostly working in Javascript these days, which let’s just say I really like Golang. Text editing is in Vim and Visual Studio Code.

  • Productivity: I primarily use Microsoft’s OneNote for writing, long term notes, see my article why it kicks ass. I use good old pen & paper for daily lists.

  • Phone: LG G6, a great flagship Android phone and cheaper than Samsungs

  • Digital Camera: Fuji X-Pro2 with their XF 23mm f/2 amazing camera, quality lenses, and weather resistant, read a few tips I wrote on X-Pro2

  • Film Camera: Nikon FM2 but shooting less film after finishing 52 rolls project